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What we offer:


We help you to find the right product for you or your company needs, providing the perfect spec to develop the best-end product.



Starting December, we got our warehouse in Tallinn and we are able to delivery directly through the Baltic States.


For other countries, we can quote a shipping cost, otherwise our prices are FCO TALLINN.



  • Warehousing
  • Labeling


About us

Falconara, established on 2004, has is core business in Hospitality services;


On 2010 was built the food&beverage export division to provide the highest quality in the compliance to the rules that make Italian products an excellence. 


January 2018, we established Falconara export Baltics, located in Estonia/Tallinn to be more efficient with our customers.


Contact us to get the best quotation and to know about our monthly offers.


We make a continuous monitoring about price of our products with a view to achieving value for money because your satisfaction is the key of our success.

Made in Italy

When we start thinking at Italian food and beverage, usually the "quick picture" is pasta, pizza, olive oil, and wine but Italian food and beverage is much much more than that, is a state of mind, something that have to bring you into a tasty journey.


Nowadays you can find Italian products almost everywhere all around the globe but remember to choose right.


Falconara export Baltics offers you  organic products certified: D.O.P. -  I.G.P. - I.G.T. - D.O.C. - D.O.C.G. and also BIO. 


Our tip: don't go looking just by brand or price, you need to get the "best on the market" and we provide for you only the excellence.

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