Let's give GOOD drinks to the thirsty



Soft drinks come from perfect ingredients, always the best available in the Italian Agricultural Market and are in the Slow Food Presidium. 


Lurisia recipes are the fruit of meticulous research of method and tradition. 




The unique aroma of our Chinotto comes from the west side of the Liguria Riviera where, since 1500, Chinotto trees have grown.


At Savona today, there is the Slow Food Presidium to protect the precious citrus fruits that give our drink the typical amber taste that gives off an intense scent.



The unique taste of our Gazzosa comes from afar, in both time and distance.


Therecipe we use is the original one from the 50’s and the lemons used are Sfusati, cultivated for more than 300 years on terraces of the Amalfi Coast, famous for their juicy pulp and semi sweet taste.

Acqua Tonica


Also for our Acqua Tonica the difference is made by the Slow Food Presidium, the same as our Chinotti from Savona.


The microclimate of the west side of the Liguria Riviera awards the fruit with an intense scent and an excellent juiciness.


The special dye extracted from the Chinotti gives the drink a unique fl avor, obtaining a good and thirst- quenching drink.



Our Aranciata is produced with Gargano IGP Slow Food Presidium oranges that come from one of the most beautiful bays of the Adriatic sea.


Here the oranges mature at the end of winter acquiring an excellent resistance to oxidation after harvest: thin peel, fi rm pulp and sweet juice make for a unique product.

Aranciata Amara


For our Aranciata Amara we have chosen the bitter orange par excellence, the Melangolo di Puglia.


Its characteristic rough skin protects the flesh, a flavour that is strong and unique, like its history. It is one of the oldest citrus fruits grown in Puglia, with origins dating back to the year 1000. 


The contrasts and aromas of the Melangolo derive from the soil, the climate and the sea in the Gargano area.



Aranciata Rossa


It owes its unique colour and taste to the three best varieties of "Red Orange of Sicily PGI": Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello.


Three special citrus fruits, grown in good soil. The plain of Catania is a truly exceptional place, with the presence of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea making the soil very fertile and creating unique weather conditions.


This sets them apart from all other oranges, a balance between sweet and sour, with a characteristic red colour.

...and more has yet to come...