Introducing 2018 olio novello

Olio Novello is none other than the Olio Nuovo, the first oil of the first olives of the new harvest, just crushed, immediately bottled to retain its precious drops and its lively fragrance, NOT FILTERED - NOT DECANTED, is a category not provided by any legislation, it is produced in the same way as the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, however, Olio Novello has more anti-oxidant substances.




Bruschetta with the "Olio Novello":  

hot bread and Olio Novello is a classic to experience a strong taste but not only, it is particularly indicated to enrich the taste of white and red raw meats.


Spaghetti of Gragnano , Parmigiano Reggiano di Montagna and our Olio Novello. Simple and delicious meal.

Many other way to enjoy Olio Novello and we will be very happy to share with you Italian original recipes. 


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in Sicily

COVATO olive oil mill, located in San Giacomo, Ragusa, Sicily, since 1985.


In this area, always green olives three offer the best quality of Tonda Iblea, Moresca e Verdese from whom is obtained an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monti Iblei D.O.P. esteemed for the intense fruity and the spicy aftertaste. 


Covato Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is rich of Vitamin E, antioxidants which favor the best preservation of oil and its organoleptic features and perform a protective action and benefits in our organism.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil made by heart, NO industrial process are allowed in our olive oil mill!  

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is obtained only and exclusively from olives and only by mechanical procedures (EC Reg. 1019-2002), in a nutshell, it is obtained only by pressing the olives, no chemical additives are added (as may happen in the case of some seed oils).


Processing olives, is NOT used Talco mineral adjuvant or Chemical Enzymes to improve yields.


In Sicily we cultivate our lands consciously, with care, in the total absence of herbicides, pesticides and any product with chemical composition.


In addition to cultivating the land under Biological regime as well as the olive trees, the olives produced must necessarily be milled at authorized mill and inspected by the inspection body and the Ministry of Agriculture Mipaf.


in our case, our company also has the family crusher.

Organic olives must be pressed within 8 hours of harvesting.

Olio Novello unfiltered and not decanted

contains a greater amount of plant particles, and therefore a greater quantity of polyphenols much more than the classic olive oils.

Polyphenols are antioxidants beneficial to health, so the Olio Novello has this virtue.


Basically the difference between Olio Novello and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that the first one is not decanted and is just franto, presents the problems described below, the second, instead presents them in minimal percentages.


  • Strong and intense taste
  • Loss of Oil (due to deposit, minimum if self-decanted);
  •   Availability Limit (short collection period);
  • Consume within 2 months (in case it is not decanted);
  • Decant in an autonomous way.
  • New oil called Novello, must be consumed quickly, not over December!

producing an Extra-virgin Olive Oil is really tiring and expensive.


It is obtained exclusively from olives and only through mechanical procedures.


The indicators of a real Italian Evo Oil are:

Acidity: The lower the value, the higher the quality of the product, The law allows for extra virgin olive oil a maximum value of 0.80% m/m.


Peroxides: are oxidative type alterations and degradation and aging of the oil; the lower the value, the higher the quality of the product, law allows for extra virgin olive oil a maximum value of 20 meq O2/ kg. 


Polyphenols: they are among the most precious components of extra-virgin olive oil, the only one among vegetable fats to be rich. Among them is Oleuropein, which gives the typical bitter taste to the olive. The higher its value, the higher the beneficial qualities of the product, the minimum must be 150 mg / kg.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is free from plant protection products, pesticides, lead, additives, preservatives, GMOs, dyes in a nutshell a 100% natural product.




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