Mozzarella Fior di Latte di Bojano

Il Fior di latte


typical taste of Bojanesi dairy products, the result of a century-old tradition in the processing of spun pastes and the needs of consumers.

A family that dedicates itself with passion and to the processing of milk, bringing healthy products on the table of consumers of which they guarantee quality. 


Serious and reliable people that guarantee a product that excel in flavor and constant quality.

                                                                                                                               Accurate selection of milk, (daily checks on the raw material), the skill in processing (result of culture,

                                                                                                                              tradition and experience), up to an efficient logistics organization to ensure speed and continuity

                                                                                                                              in the cold chain.



          Mozzarella fior di Latte 125 g. 


  • Single pack


  • 2.5 Kg. pack (20 x 125 g. ) in water  

Filone per pizza 1 Kg.

Mozzarella Cherries 250 g.

Cubettato per pizza 3 Kg.

Ricotta cheese 250 g.

Burrata di Andria P.G.I.

Palazzo Since 1957






At the beginning of our story, Caseificio Palazzo was only just a small family-run cheese factory. Many years have passed since then but certain values, for us, have remained the same. Even today, our products are loved and distributed all over the world through a widespread and efficient international logistics network guaranteeing delivery directly to modern and traditional distribution warehouses and then on to the single point of sale.

Burrata of Andria      120 g. or 200 g.

Burrata of Andria- BIO   100 g.

Burrata of Andria     with Truffle - 100 g.

Stracciatella of Burrata   140 g. or 250 g.

Parmigiano Reggiano - Consorzio Vacche Rosse

Consorzio Vacche Rosse



At the beginning of the nineties, a group of breeders took into account the idea to start again the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano with the milk of the ancient Reggiana’s breed. Just as they did in the past.  


The Reggiana’s breed is an autocthonous breed of Northern Italy, brought by the Barbaric population in the fourth century A.D.. From the milk of the Red Cows the Benedictine monks started to produce Parmigiano-Reggiano 8 centuries ago. The Red Cows can be called “Mothers” of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

During the last century this breed, less productive but more rustic and long-lived, has been gradually substituted by more profitable breeds.

Pecorino Romano


Mascarpone and other Delicacies

The Dairy Factory Carena began its activity in 1924, in the town of Caselle Lurani, thanks to the founder Angelo Carena with a production of cheeses typical of the Lodigiana area (pannerone, gorgonzola and mascarpone).


The two sons of Angelo, Siro and Antonio join the company, which increase the production and the range of products (taleggio, crescenza, fontal, primosale, caciotta, italico and ricotta).


The sons of Antonio Angelo, Cristina and Vittoria have over the years renewed the production facilities adapting products and packaging to the modern health needs of the European Community and those of the market, without ever forgetting the typicality and quality of cheeses still worked with genuine craft systems and enhancing some unique products such as pannerone and mascarpone.


It is considered a soft cheese, despite the consistency of a soft cream, straw-colored. 

Our mascarpone is traditionally produced exclusively with cream or milk, without preservatives. Traditionally it was produced only in the winter period between November and March; today, given the great demand, it is found all year round.


It is packaged by hand as tradition dictates with a parchment wrapping, in the size of gr. 500 and more and it is recommended to use it within a week.


Anything you knew about Mascarpone, trying out MASCARPONE CARENA, you will finally discover the difference between a REAL THING and others which are industrial!


Soft cheese without white rind tending to straw yellow. 

It has a compact consistency, without any eye and a fresh, sweet and melting taste in the mouth.


Our growth is produced with whole cow's milk with the addition of only natural milk-graft produced by us. 

The packs are 250gr. ca. 500gr. or 1000 for growth.


Typical Lodi cheese, of which we are the only producers, is made with only raw milk and rennet. It distinguishes itself from the generality of Italian cheeses in order not to undergo any salting treatment and for the high maturation temperatures.


The taste of the cheese is sweet and buttery, with a slight bit of bitterness that is pleasantly accompanied by sweet flavors such as honey, jam, mustard, fruit, while in the kitchen it is suitable for the preparation of various risottos. Although it is a characteristic cheese of the autumn and winter, our dairy produces Pannerone all year round.


The pannerone already recognized at the regional level by the D.M. 08/09/1999 No. 350 and subsequently at the national level by the D.M. 18/07/2000, G.U. No. 194.


Since 2003 it has been a Slow Food Presidium, as a quality cheese to be safeguarded according to traditional practices.


The municipality of Caselle Lurani established De.C.O. (MUNICIPAL DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN) to underline the link between Pannerone and the territory where it has been produced for almost a hundred years.

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