Fontana Ermes S.p.A. was founded at the end of the 50s by Ermes Fontana and is one of the producers of PDO Parma Ham that can boast a longer and more prestigious tradition.

Located on an area of about 30,000 square meters, it has a production capacity of over 6 million kilograms of processed meat annually, in several production departments.

It produces about 400,000 hams each year and has a turnover of about 50,000,000 euro.

Fontana Ermes S.p.A has been for several years an active protagonist in many markets: Italian, European, North American (USA and Canada), South American, Asian and Japanese.

It has now an export quota consolidated over time of about 55% of the total turnover. roots in the artisan tradition, attention to the new needs of consumers, quality products and services, are the values we pursue.

Hams and Charcuteries


Cured ham “Gran Duca”


is obtained with carefully selected and expertly manufactured thighs. Hams are manufactured thanks to the skills acquired throughout 60 years of experience. The result is a cured ham with a tempting and delicate taste, appreciated all over the world by our customers. Available first of all with bone, to be sliced by experts. Thanks to our deboning department, we guarantee safety and care in every processing phase.The cured ham “Gran Duca” is offered in many varieties to meet every need. Before deboning, every ham is washed to remove the greasing paste “sugna” in order to be ready for manufacturing. The client can choose between different types of trimming: simply washed or very well cleaned. In this last one, the ham is knife- trimmed and the fat is already removed.


San Daniele Cured Ham 


The range offered to our customers also includes the San Daniele Ham, protected by the PDO recognition.

PDO San Daniele ham is cured in the typical production area in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and we offer it to our customers interested in an alternative to our products.

It is available with bone or deboned and pressed to have long and homogeneous slices, in the varieties Washed or Very well cleaned: trimmed with a knife and without fat.

High Quality Cooked Ham


Manufactured respecting the traditional Italian production process, it is produced starting from a careful selection of pork thighs.

Only the leanest ones are chosen. Natural flavourings and spices combined with a slow cooking are what makes the product soft, and also what gives it its sweet and delicate taste, enhancing the quality of the raw material.

Supplied in a practical packaging, ready to cut. Gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free, glutamate-free and polyphosphates-free.

Selected Cooked Ham


Produced from carefully chosen raw materials, respecting all steps of traditional manufacturing.

Thanks to the addition of spices and a little salt and slow cooking, it is soft, with a strong flavor.

Supplied in a practical packaging, ready to cut.

P.G.I. Bologna Mortadella 


is the only Mortadella recognised to European Union. 

It is a cooked Ham, cylindrical or oval, made exclusively with carefully selected and minced pork cuts. 

It is produced according to tradition, following and respecting manufacturing techniques and according to the traditional recipe. 

The flavour is well balanced, Mortadella in pink in colour with an intense, slightly scent.

P.G.I. Bologna Mortadella is light and polyphosphates free. 

Available also with crunchy peeled Pistachio nuts. 



Sweet Pancetta Bacon is a cured ham with is rolled out, salted, flavoured with spices, delicately smoked and finally cured.

All phases are carried out following traditional recipes and using only premium quality meats. 

Perfect on the table and in kitchen. 




It is a typicsl salami produced from selected pork meat, to which are added salt, spices and flavourings and finally bagged in a curved gut. It has the flavour and the appearance of regional traditional salamis.

Fennel Salami


is typical of Tuscany tradition. It is produced with minced pure pork meat and then fennel seeds are added, which give it a very unique flavour. It requires a long and slow curing process.

The flavour is intense and delicate at the same time.



It is prepared using selected lean pork meats and adding salt, pepper, spices and flavourings.

Manufacturing and curing are carried out using traditional methods.

It is charcterised by a sweet, spicy, lightly smoked flavour. It is available in different sizes.



It is one of the most known salami. It is produced starting from a dough of lean and fatty pork meat which is minced, flavoured with salt, spices and flavourings. 

The dough is cased and left to cure. It is a characterised by high slice of a bright-red colour. 

Fat is distributed in every slice uniformly. 

The fragrance is strong and the flavour is sweet and delicate. 



A new line of Strolghini featuring six new flavours and ready to be consumed.

Prepared with high quality meats and only with premium pork meat cuts, they are finally prepared by qualified personnel NORCINA.

The new line features a funny packaging and is ready to be consumed for both a normal dinner or the classic “aperitivo”, together with other charcuterie from our range of products.


 As if they had just been sliced   

they meet every need, both in terms of large retailers and specialized gastronomy. They are practical, comfortable, tasty.

Our charcuterie, sliced in a protective atmosphere, guarantees quality and freshness, thanks to the precise manufacturing.

 Pre- sliced Fontana Ermes charcuterie includes a big range of products and solutions.

You only have to ask!!




Guanciale Amatriciano

In 1984, Gianfranco Castelli began his activity in a small laboratory with a limited production of cured meats.

With the collaboration of the local artisans, begins a great work of rediscovering roots and traditions.

huge investments in technological systems allow a "handicraft" production adequately controlled in terms of hygiene and health.

SANO is the most innovative pork meat company in central-southern Italy.

The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies includes five SANO products in the list of traditional food products.

The guanciale


essential for the famous Carbonara and Amatriciana pasta , is obtained from the pork throat, salted and well seasoned with spices before going to the drying phase.

Removed from the salt, drained and tied with string, the cheeks are left to flavor with pepper: a touch that enhances the flavor and gives character without altering the taste.

The seasoning ends after a period of three months.


Aged: minimum 60 days 


Average Weight: 1,2 Kg.  

'Nduja of Spilinga

'Nduja San Donato is one of the first real craft companies to develop on the territory where the "Nduja" originates: Spilinga, in the province of Vibo Valentia.

Pugliese family has always been engaged in the production of cured meats according to the traditional recipe using only first choice ingredients and scrupulously follow the ancient creative process through its typical phases: processing, drying, smoking and maturing.

All this without renouncing or altering any moment of tradition in order to preserve the naturalness of production, avoiding the use of practices that allow the acceleration of the production processes to the detriment of quality.





The 'Nduja is a spreadable sausage made with the fat parts of pork (lardello, guanciale, pancetta and trimmings of lean parts).


To the pork meat, worked with sieves with narrow holes, are added in the right doses, the Calabrian spicy chili and salt.


After the so-called "rest", the bagging and a few days of artisan smoking, is left to naturally season, inside the casing itself of the pig.


'Nduja San Donato is One and Only in its kind!




This product is previously smoked and seasoned in natural casing according to the normal production process then extracted and re-worked with the addition of sunflower oil (which is more neutral in taste and odor compared to olive oil).


The 'nduja is finally placed in a jar and pasteurized.


Spread & Enjoy! 

and much us