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We could tell you that Pasta Garofalo was first produced in 1789.

We could bore you by listing the certifications and technologies used in our production facilities to transform the best durum wheat into the best possible pasta. 

We like to think that the history of Pasta Garofalo lies entirely in the pasta we make, in our know how and constant quest for quality and flavour, in the lines of pasta wrapped in transparent packaging - as transparent as our conviction that knowing how to make pasta is a centuries-old art, the upshot of a story we narrate day by day by what we do and which you can read, every day, in the pasta you eat.

Flour & Yeast

The leader in the Italian market for flours and special mixes


a range of flours and special mixes for pizza able to meet all exigencies.


                                                                      Fresh pasta

                                                    a complete range of flours and mixes for fresh pasta and gastronomy.


                                                      Professional Yeasts and coadjuvantes 

                                                    complete the professional range Molino Spadoni

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